Posted on 18/01/2024 in Electric & Electronic Transport 2024
Fire resistant PIN polyamide for EVs

Ascend Performance Materials’ PIN FR PA66 resistant to 1100°C flame for 15 minutes for electric vehicle battery safety. The non-halogenated flame retardant performance polymer offers fire protection performance to SAE AS5127 (aerospace specification), better than aluminium, and will contribute to ensuring passenger safety in case of battery failure and thermal runaway. The PIN polyamide also offers mechanical integrity at 350°C, improved abrasion resistance, ultrasonic weld line strength, UL 94 V-0 @ 0.8 mm, glow wire GWFI 960°C and EN 45545 (railway specifications) rating R22: HL3. The material can be glass-fibre reinforced, brightly coloured and can be injection moulded using standard polyamide processing equipment. In June 2023, Ascend indicated that with its fire performance and vibration damping compounds, the company sells 25-30% more material into electric vehicles than internal combustion vehicles.

“New materials create safer, quieter EVs”, PRN 13/10/2022 and Ascend Starflam-X pages

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