Posted on 14/12/2023 in Fire Safety 2023
Fire safety and ‘subsidiarity’ in the EU

European Fire Safety Week webinar (available online) examines the EU’s role in fire safety and Member States’ competence, with Theresa Griffin, previously Member of the European Parliament for the UK and Antonio Estella De Noriego, legal expert at Carlos III University Madrid. The webinar concluded that although fire safety is primarily the responsibility of the Member States, the EU has an important role in fields such as consumer and worker protection, internal market, tourism, energy. Webinar participants underlined the need to act, as existing fire risks (flammability of everyday items, obsolete existing installations) are increased with new energy and technology risks and with the ageing of the population. Participants called on the EU to act where necessary and when value is added to Member State actions, including by legislative measures and by European coordination and stakeholder engagement.

Webinar “Fire safety and Subsidiarity: What Role for the EU? – European Fire Safety Week 2023”. 13th November 2023. Watch here:

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