Posted on 19/06/2024 in Fire Safety 2024
Fire safety no longer progressing

1.5 million fires in the USA in 2022 caused nearly 3 800 deaths, over 13 000 injuries and US$ 18 billion property loss. This covers only fires to which fire services responded. The US NFPA (National Association for Fire Protection) “Fire Loss” 2022 report notes that this is one fire every 21 seconds, and a home fire death nearly every three hours. The total number of fires was half that in 1980 and inflation adjusted property damage was 20% lower, despite increases in population. However, the death rate per reported home fire was higher in 2022 than in 1980. NFPA state that most of the reduction in the number of fires and in fire losses occurred more than a decade ago and the data suggest that since around 2012 – 2014 the number of fires and the number of fire deaths per million population have not decreased and the absolute numbers have begun to rise. NFPA underline that there is still much to do to reduce fire incidence and improve life safety, especially for home fires.

Graph: Civilian fire deaths 1980-2022 from NFPA report cited.

“Fire Loss in the United States During 2022”, S. Hall, NFPA, November 2023

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