Posted on 11/07/2019 in Fire Safety 2019
Fire safety organisations co-sign letter to Europe

At the initiative of pinfa, leading fire safety organisations have signed a joint letter to the European Commission asking that fire safety be better integrated into the EU’s R&D funding programme, Horizon Europe. Signatories include fire fighters organisations, a range of industry federations concerned by fire safety, fire safety associations, wildfire organisations and research centres. The initiative follows a first meeting organised by IAFSS (International Association for Fire Safety Science), with pinfa support, in December 2018 (see pinfa Newsletter n°97). The fire safety organisations’ joint letter is parallel to the letter open to signature by individuals launched by the Pau Costa Foundation in 2017 (see pinfa Newsletter n°93). The organisations’ joint letter underlines that “fire safety is essential to enable a desired future. Fire safety science is a prerequisite for innovation, sustainability and an inclusive society. Fire safety is key to resilience in contexts of technological developments, sustainable construction, an ageing population and climate change”. This joint letter is open to signature by further organisations or fire research centres, before it will be re-sent to the new European Parliament and the new European Commission when they are in place.

To sign the Pau Costa Foundation open letter:
Fire safety organisations’ joint letter to the European Commission, 23rd May 2019
If your organisation wishes to join the signatories of this letter, please contact  

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