Posted on 17/11/2020 in Building & Construction 2020
Fire testing roof photovoltaics

Roof PV installations show variable fire performance depending on PV unit and roof materials and on installation. The Italian Ministry of the Interior, National Fire and Rescue Service (CNVVF) has published specifications for testing photovoltaic modules mounted on roof systems. This paper presents a summary of relevant national, EU and international fire testing standards, and result of fire testing of roof – PV unit systems using different fire test configurations, including classification results under the Italian national system and proposed EU CPR ratings. Photos show PV panels engulfed in flames during testing. The authors note that the PV back sheet (mainly polyester and/or PVF) showed good reaction to fire whereas EVA ensuring assemblage of the backsheet to the PV module tended to be rapidly combustible.

“PV modules on buildings – Outlines of PV roof samples fire rating assessment”, P. Cancelliere et al., Fire Safety Journal 2020

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