Posted on 20/03/2024 in Transport Fire Safety 2024
Flame retardant anti-corrosion coating

Axalta non-halogenated flame retardant protective and decorative coating for metals in buildings, mobility, offshore. The treatment is an all-in-one (no primer) spray-on thermosetting and protects from sunlight, water and salt and abrasion and provides electrical and sound insulation, as well as being durable and easy to clean. It offers UL 94 V-0 and European railway standard EN 45545-2 fire safety. The coating does not contain halogens (bromine, chlorine), BPA nor heavy metals, and can have drinking water and food contact approvals. A range of finishes and colours are available. Applications include construction, transport systems, outside furniture and fencing, civil engineering.

“Do you need a coating that minimises the spread of fire?”, October 2023

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Axalta Thermoplastic Power Coatings

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