Posted on 30/04/2021 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2021
Flame retardants and 3D printing

Review points to PIN FR 3D-pinting materials but suggests more data is needed on fire behaviour of 3D-printed materials. A review of nearly 80 sources summarises fire behaviour of 3D-print polymers and developments of PIN FRs. Poly-lactic acid (PLA), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), polyetherimide (PEI, polyamide and silica aerogels are reviewed, with various PIN FRs. Commercial PIN FR 3D-printing filaments CRP Windform and Markforget Onyx are cited, both achieving demanding aviation fire safety standards. The review notes that 3D-printing can lead to significant differences in flammability compared to other polymer processing systems, because of fill density and layer orientation, and that further science research is needed.

“Fire Behavior of 3D-Printed Polymeric Composites”, K. Babu et al., Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance JMEPEG, March 2021

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