Posted on 31/01/2022 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2022
Floreon non-halogenated FR bioplastic

Innovative PIN flame retardant compound from bio-based PLA offers performance to replace ABS with UL 94 V2 (3mm). Floreon is a specialist innovation company, set up in 2011 who, with Sheffield University UK, develop plant-based plastics using specific compounds from PLA (polylactic acid), derived from corn and sugar cane. The company’s new PIN flame retardant compound offers properties comparable to ABS for injection moulding of consumer electronics, electronic toys, home furnishings. Fire performance is UL 94 V2 (@ 3mm), achieved using non-halogenated PIN flame retardants. The material is compatible with mechanical recycling, and claims up to seven times lower carbon footprint than oil-based plastics.

“Floreon launches halogen-free flame retardant bioplastic”, 11th November 2021 and

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