Posted on 09/02/2022 in Fire Safety 2021
Florian Tomiak, Institute of Polymer Technology

Florian Tomiak, Institute of Polymer Technology, Germany, presented data testing expandable graphite in polyamide (PA6). 15% loading of graphite reduced peak heat release rate by 3/4 and MHARE by 2/3. However, the FR effect of the graphite was reduced with glass fibre reinforced polyamide with 25% graphite loading needed to achieve UL 94 V0 (2.4 mm). Fire performance was improved if part of the graphite was replaced by phosphorus-nitrogen PIN FRs (AlPi + MPP)

See also: “A synergetic flame retardant system based on expandable graphite, aluminium (diethyl) polyphosphinate and melamine polyphosphate”, F. Tomiak et al Polymers 2021, 13(16), 2712;

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