Posted on 09/02/2022 in Fire Safety 2021
Fouad Laoutid, Materia Nova Research, Belgium

Fouad Laoutid, Materia Nova Research, Belgium, presented tests of several different phosphorus-containing nano-FRs. Performance benefits of nano-FRs result from their very high surface, and so improved dispersion in polymers and increased reaction potential, and from their capacity to promote the formation of a barrier layer through physical or chemical action in case of fire. Nano- and micro-particles and of the natural polymer lignin were tested in PLA (poly lactic acid, a bio-based polymer), neat and grafted with diethylphosphate or phosphorus silane at 0 – 20% loading. Only 20% micro-lignin-diethylphosphate or 10% nano-lignin-P-silane significantly reduced peak heat release rate. Phosphorus-activated nano graphene platelets were tested in EVA, showing (at 30% loading) 50% reduction in PHHR, or even greater 75% reduction with APP. A 15% loading of aluminium phosphate nanoparticles into epoxy coating applied onto PLA plates allows coating transparency to be conserved whilst also achieving c. 1/3 reduction in PHRR.

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