Posted on 11/05/2020 in 2020
FR glass-fibre reinforced polyamide for 3D-printing

Following the launch of carbon-fibre reinforced printing (pinfa Newsletter n°112), with Windform® FR1, CRP Technology has now launched Windform® FR2, a glass-fibre reinforced polyamide for SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D-printing. Windform® FR2 is off-white (not black), is electrically insulating, allows good surface resolution and offers a smooth surface finish. Both materials have passed the FAR 25.853 12-second vertical and 15-second horizontal flammability tests, the 45° Bunsen burner test and smoke density tests. Both materials are adapted for automotive, consumer and aircraft applications.

“CRP Technology introduces Windform® FR2, a cutting-edge composite material for Additive Manufacturing”, 10th February 2020

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