Posted on 30/10/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
FRs found in monkey faeces

FRs found in monkey faeces: A total of 60 faeces samples from primates (captive in Indiana, wild in Costa Riva and Uganda) were tested for 40 pesticides, 52 halogenated FRs and 12 non-halogenated organophosphorus FRs (non-H OPFRs). Only three non-H OPFRs were found in >60% of samples and sum total OPFRs (inc. halogenated) ranged from 50 to 2 900 ng/g lipid (lipid was 0.001 to 0.09 of faeces). Levels of all sampled chemicals varied widely between both primate species and location, with higher levels found in herbivorous species. There is no indication that the levels of OPFRs found pose health risks for the primates.

“Feces are Effective Biological Samples for Measuring Pesticides and Flame Retardants in Primates”, S. Wang, Environ. Sci. Technol. 2020,

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