Posted on 29/09/2022 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2022
Fulvia Raffaelli, European Commission DG GROW

Emphasised that sustainability is critical in construction, but is also very complex. Energy efficiency was a key parameter in the past, but now circularity is also a priority (use of secondary materials, recycling building materials on demolition). Sustainability is integrated into the proposed revision of the CPR (Construction Products Regulation), alongside fire safety which was already a key CPR parameter for building materials and is fully maintained. Fire safety is a very important element in both new construction and building renovation and is included into both the EPBD (Energy Performance in Buildings Directive) and the EU Renovation Wave. Data is essential to support these policies, as are testing and standards.

Fire safety is a very important element of overall “quality” of buildings, and fire safety, sustainability and performance must be integrated. Innovation is needed in new materials combining low climate and environmental impacts and high fire performance.

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