Posted on 29/05/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
Further RoHS exclusions of halogenated FRs proposed

Progress towards RoHS restrictions on further halogenated FRs (MCCPs, TBBPA) and antimony (ATO) in electrical and electronic equipment (E&E). Following the public consultation in January 2020 (see pinfa Newsletter n°110), ÖkoInstitut presented proposed conclusions at a webinar 27th April 2020. RoHS restrictions are recommended for MCCPs (Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffins) and TBBPA (tetrabromobisphenol A). The UK Environment Agency has completed the REACH CoRAP evaluation of MCCPs, concluding that they are PBT and vPvB and should be candidate for SVHC (substance of very high concern). Conclusions for ATO (antimony trioxide) are that it should be assessed as a “functional group” with halogenated FRs because “Mono-substitution (substituting only ATO as synergist) in products on the market does not seem to be applied”. Other flame retardants included in ÖkoInstitut’s full list of substances for possible consideration for RoHS restriction, but not taken further, are Trixylyl phosphate, TCEP, TCPP, TDCP, boric acid.

ÖkoInstitut RoHS evaluations page “Interim Results of Substance Review”

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