Posted on 15/09/2020 in Regulatory 2020
General Product Safety Directive

Pinfa has called for a better inclusion of fire safety in product safety rules in EU consultation on GPSD. The General product Safety Directive 2001/95, now twenty years old, sets general safety rules for products not covered by specific legislation (e.g. products covered by the Construction Products Directive are not concerned). A public consultation (summer 2020) on the ‘Roadmap’ to define orientations for revision of this Directive will be followed by a full public consultation. The proposed Roadmap document suggests to centre revision on challenges linked to artificial intelligence, online sales, product recalls, market surveillance and food-imitating products. pinfa input underlined that ubiquitous electronics, widespread use of batteries and new materials pose increasing fire risks which should be considered.

EU public consultation « General Product Safety Directive – review”, closed 1st September 2020

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