Posted on 06/07/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
GPP consultation computers – smartphones

Update to EU Green Public Purchasing proposes to exclude halogenated FRs and promote alternatives assessments. An EU (JRC) stakeholder consultation is open* to 17th July 2020. The proposal includes a new “core and comprehensive” criterion restricting halogenated substances in plastic parts: to limit both bromine and chlorine (each separately) to < 1 000 ppm in plastic parts of > 25g (5g for smartphones), with exceptions for PCBs (printed circuit boards and PVC cables). This criterion is already in TCO Certified Generation 8, EPEAT 2018 for computers and Blue Angel UZ-78 v2. Also, a new incitement is proposed to “Avoidance of regrettable substitution”, with points awarded if “safer alternatives are used for … halogenated flame retardants. (and) proposed alternatives have been assessed by methods and tools as indicated by the European Chemicals Agency or the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Toolbox”.

“Revision of the EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) Criteria for Computers and Monitors (and extension to Smartphones)”, European Commission JRC Technical Report v2.0, June 2020
* this consultation is only open stakeholders registered on JRC BATIS, although the above document is public. Please send comments, to pinfa.

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