Posted on 15/01/2021 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2020
“Green” buildings increase fire risk

Report says fire performance should be integrated into sustainable building materials and design and more research is needed. Published by the US NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), the 155-page report notes that “green” construction design and installations, such as insulation, energy storage systems, timber, modular construction or other design attributes can present fire hazards if unmitigated. Conclusions suggest improving fire incident reporting, adapting fire test methods, integrating fire performance into sustainable materials and technologies, development of tools for risk assessment, design and performance assessment, holistic regulation and development of the SAFR (Sustainable And Fire Resilient) building concept.

“Fire Safety Challenges of ‘Green’ Buildings and Attributes”, B. Meacham, M. McNamee, US NFPA, 9th October 2020’Green’_Buildings_and_Attributes_Final_Report/links/5fc0ed5fa6fdcc6cc6731045/Fire-Safety-Challenges-of-Green-Buildings-and-Attributes-Final-Report.pdf

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