Posted on 24/06/2021 in Fire Safety 2021
GreenScreen Assessment Registry

Clean Production Action has launched a Registry of chemicals for which a GreenScreen assessment has been carried out. There are today over 600 GreenSceen valid (not expired) assessments of different chemicals. On entering a CAS number, the Registry will indicate whether or not a GreenScreen assessment of the chemical is available, and if so provides a link to the assessment (if publicly available) or the name of the owner (if confidential). A number of PIN FRs have GreenScreen assessments with benchmark 2 or higher (see e.g. pinfa Newsletter n°123). GreenScreen also operates the GreenScreen List Translator, which compiles information from over 40 hazard lists compiled by scientific or regulatory bodies worldwide. This information can be accessed via websites of PharosProject and Toxnot, where chemicals can be searched for by name or CAS number.

GreenScreen Assessment Registry
GreenScreen List Translator
PharosProject chemical hazards and List Translator (paying site)
Toxnot & Clean Production Action

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