Posted on 11/06/2020 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2020
HFFR cable compound for fire performance

Borealis and Borouge new halogen-free flame retardant cable jacketing makes it possible to achieve high CPR fire rating including “d0” – no flaming droplets. The new formulation offers good mechanical properties, enables high speed cable production and can achieve CPR (EU Construction Products Regulation) requirements without adding other flame retardant insulation or bedding materials, so enabling lightweight cables and efficient production. Depending on cable construction, the HFFR compound can achieve CPR Euroclass B2ca-s1,d0 that is the best possible class both for flame spread and resistance to flaming droplets. The material retains its shape in in-tense heat, so the jacketing remains on the cable in fire.

“Borealis and Borouge raise the bar for fire safety standards with new flame retardant solution”, 16th April 2020

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