Posted on 17/11/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
HFFR compounds for e-vehicle cables

Padanaplast launches PIN flame retardant compound for ultra-flexible, high-voltage e-vehicle battery and powertrain cables. The new performance XLPO-HFFR (halogen-free flame retardant, silane cross-linkable polyolefin) compound also offers thermal and mechanical performance necessary for automotive applications and resistance to oils and fuels. It is part of Padanaplast’s series which also includes T3 (125°C) optimised XLPO-HFFR wire and cable insulation compounds and elastomer grades adapted for e-vehicle charging. The non-halogenated flame retardant systems used, with silane cross-linking, provide weathering resistance and ensure self-extinguishing, no halogenhydric acid* release and low smoke, low toxicity, low corrosivity. They are fast curing and offer high extrusion speed in standard extruder lines. The absence of acid-releasing halogens facilitates end-of-life recycling.

* halogenhydric acid = HX where X is a halogen, e.g. HCl or HBr.
“Padanaplast offers new advanced HFFR compounds for high‐performance wires and cables for electric vehicles”, 22nd October 2020

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