Posted on 14/12/2023 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2023
High-temperature 3D-print resin

Liqcreate photopolymer resin delivers non-halogenated, self-extinguishing fire performance & high-temperature resistance. The resin is adapted for DLP (digital light processing), LCD and laser 3D-printers with 385-420 nm precision. Temperature resistance is HDT-B 257°C (heat deflection temperature test) and fire performance of printed parts can achieve UL 94 V-0 (3 mm), FAR 25.853 (Appendix F, Part I (a) (1) (ii) 12 seconds) and Vertical Burn pass at 1.5 mm. It is off-white and offers rigidity for engineering, electrical and electronic (e.g. connectors, casings) and mobility applications, including automotive, railway and aircraft.

“Liqcreate releases new UL94 V0 Flame Retardant HDTresin for high-temperature applications”, 30th October 2023

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