Posted on 17/11/2022 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2022
High tracking resistance PIN FR PBT

Lanxess (pinfa member) launches high performance PBT for electric vehicles, electronics, with non-halogenated UL 94 V-0. The new polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds combining glass fibre reinforcement, IEC 60664-1 electrical insulation with CTI A (Comparative Tracking Index) rating 600 V, fire performance and hydrolysis resistance. The non-halogenated flame retardant compound, with 25% short glass fibres, achieves UL 94 V-0 down to 0.75 mm and SAE/USCAR-2 Re. 7 Class 3 hydrolysis resistance. The compound also offers mechanical performance, dimensional stability, flowability for processing and can be coloured EV orange. Demanding electrical insulation and tracking resistance are needed for electromobility applications with high voltages, including fast charging, as well as for electronics miniaturisation.

“Pocan E: new PBT product range from LANXESS with outstanding tracking resistance”, Lanxess press release, 20th September 2022

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