Posted on 06/09/2019 in Regulatory 2019
Horizon Europe public consultation

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on Horizon Europe, closing 8th September 2019, including inviting comments on the proposed “Orientations” document which will define the content of Horizon Europe (thematic funding, Missions, Partnerships …). The documents for consultation scarcely mention fire, referring only to the increased risk of wildfires with climate change (p9, p62, but no specific proposals) and (under new technologies) to robot support for firefighters. pinfa will submit comments reminding of the joint stakeholder letter on fire safety in Horizon Europe (May 2019, see pinfa Newsletter n°102), underlining the importance of fire safety for key Horizon Europe objectives (sustainability, digital, bio-based and circular materials …) and suggesting the Horizon Europe coordinates with the European Commission’s Fire Exchange and Information Platform (FIEP, see pinfa Newsletter n°99). pinfa suggests you also respond to this public consultation (before 8/9/19), as a person or as an organisation, to indicate that fire safety should be better integrated into Horizon Europe programmes and actions.

Public consultation open to 8th September 2019 (Horizon Europe Co-design 2021-2024 consultation) introduction Orientations document for comment (Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan implementing the research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe) and online survey and submission form

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