Posted on 02/12/2019 in Fire Safety 2019
IAFSS publishes agenda for fire safety

The International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) has published (in Fire Safety Journal) its “Agenda 2030 for a fire safe world”, as a call for dialogue between fire scientists, fire engineers, regulators and funding agencies. Input to this Agenda included the Brussels stakeholder meeting organised with support of pinfa and other organisations in December 2018 (see pinfa Newsletter n°100). IAFSS note that fire kills 180 000 people annually (WHO), costs nearly 2% of GDP in the USA and that wildfire losses are increasing (highest ever in 2017, SwissRe). IAFSS identify two global challenges that fire research can help address: climate change, resiliency and sustainability (including addressing use of wood in construction, increased thermal insulation, reduced ventilation) and population growth, urbanisation and globalisation. The scientific association identifies seven areas of research needed to respond to these challenges: wildfires and wildfire/urban interface, social resilience, fire safety and sustainability, globally consistent standards etc., tall buildings and urban development, new technology and data, higher education.

“IAFSS agenda 2030 for a fire safe world”, M. McNamee et al., Fire Safety Journal 110 (2019) 102889

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