Posted on 27/07/2021 in Electric & Electronic 2021
Improving mineral PIN FR performance

Innospec Leuna offers non-halogenated processing aids which improve processing of ATH and MDH PIN FR compounds. The polar organic additive is used at 1 – 2% to improve wetting and dispersion, and prevent re-agglomeration during processing, of mineral PIN FRs, such as ATH (aluminium hydroxide), MDH (magnesium hydroxide), calcium carbonate, kaolin, silicates. Its use improves processability, in particular by increasing MFI (melt flow index), without deteriorating mechanical or ageing properties, and can enhance fire performance by improving char formation and inhibiting dripping. This can enable reduction in dosages of coupling agents. Applications include in polyolefin elastomer resins, TPO (thermoplastic olefins) and EVA in cable sheathing compounds, cable bedding, roofing, insulation panels. Customer examples include enabling an increase in MDH content to 82% in TPO roofing membranes (+12%) so ensuring fire safety requirements

Innospec Leuna
Compounding World October 2020 pp48-49

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