Posted on 24/06/2021 in Electric & Electronic 2021
Increasing demand for HFFR in cables

Compounding World magazine points to PIN FRs as key innovation driver in cables, with processing and crosslinking. Compounders are looking for non-halogen solutions to achieve strict fire safety regulations for wires and cables and low smoke emissions, whilst ensuring processing productivity, with particular development in cross-linked halogen-free flame retardant materials. The magazine also notes the move to avoid antimony trioxide (ATO). Crosslinkable PIN FR solutions can offer oil and water resistance and high performance. Innovations include additives to improve mineral FR dispersion and to improve mechanical properties of cables with high mineral FR loadings. Companies cited are Avient, Benvic, Borouge, Buss, Europiren, Evonik, Hexpol TPE, Innospec Leuna, Nabaltec, Padanaplast, Tolsa, Viscospeed.
Compounding World, May 2021 “HFFR demands drive cable innovation”

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