Posted on 15/09/2020 in Regulatory 2020
Information on melamine REACH dossier

European producers have announced the self-classification of melamine as a suspected human reproductive toxicant Cat. 2 This follows results of animal testing funded by industry, after ECHA concluded in 2017 that existing scientific data was inconclusive. The European Melamine Producers Association (EMPA) has informed downstream users of the self-classification decision, taken by the Melamine REACH Consortium. Melamine now requires labelling to specify “H361f” and to include “Suspected of damaging fertility” on packaging. However, existing guidance for safe use of melamine by workers remains unchanged (DNEL for inhalation remains 8.3 mg/m3). Also, the classification is not applicable to mixtures with <3% melamine and to melamine present in articles (e.g. laminates, foam, etc.).
pinfa notes that this classification of melamine is not relevant for melamine as used as a flame retardant, that is after inclusion in a material, but is relevant to compounders and processers handling melamine.pinfa currently expects that this classification of melamine will not impact melamine derivatives used as flame retardants (unless they contain > 3% unreacted melamine) and pinfa member companies are currently assessing this. Any classification updates will be indicated in the pinfa product selector.

Melamine cyanurate is already classified H373 (specific organ toxicity repeated exposure STOT re.2 kidney). Other melamine derivatives used as flame retardants have no classification: Melamine borate, Melamine phosphate, Melamine polyphosphate, Melamine-poly(aluminium phosphate), Melamine-poly(zinc phosphate).
Melamine REACH Consortium, classification of Melamine, May 2020

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