Posted on 07/03/2022 in Fire Safety 2022
Inovia Materials ionic liquid PIN FRs

Ionic liquids as PIN FRs for a range of polymers, offering fire resistance and low impact on performance and processing. The ionic liquids, based on salts in which one ion has delocalised charge and one component is organic and biodegradable, contain phosphorus, nitrogen and sulphur, and afford structure design flexibility enabling performance in different polymers. Inovia has developed the first and only flame retardant for PMMA that can achieve UL 94 V-0 at 0.8 mm while keeping transparency intact. Inovia flame retardant for PC can achieve V-0 from 0.06 mm with high transparency. Ionic liquids have solvating power towards other additives, and so synergistic effects when used together with traditional PIN FRs. Inovia products (2-3%) with MCA (4-5%) can reach V-0 at 0.8 mm in TPU. Inovia formulated FR products for PA can improve the mechanical, thermal, electrical properties and lower its moisture absorption rate. Inovia ionic liquid FRs can also be used as flow enhancers improving processability for extrusion, moulding, and composite materials. Additionally, low volatility and ionicity reduce leaching and off gassing.

Inovia Materials
US patent 2011

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