Posted on 14/01/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
Institute for Testing and Certification (Czech Republic)

Franky Puype, Institute for Testing and Certification (Czech Republic), presented the analysis of brominated flame retardants in 3 consumer goods made of recycled plastics purchased in the EU (cube toy, kaleidoscope toy, bottle cooler) using the Frontier Laboratories Pyrolysis system. In all three products, BFRs were detected, and in one toy the levels of BFRs exceeded the RoHS limits. He also presented the application to screen brominated signatures and BFRs by thermal desorption, showing testing on two building foams, one food tray. Other analytical techniques like EGA-MS, heart-cut MS and reactive pyrolysis were addressed as potential screening techniques and strategies for BFR quantification in polymeric material. 

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