Posted on 17/11/2020 in Regulatory 2020
International fire safety standard published

60-page first edition of IFSS “International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles” was released 1st October 2020. IFSS is a global coalition of 80 organisations professional institutes and fire safety leadership organisations, including the UN. Its aim is to address differing, or non-existent, requirements to fire safety in countries across the world. The new “Common Principles” covers legislation, codes or regulations and standards in all stages of a building’s life cycle, addressing fire prevention, detection & communication, occupant protection, containment and extinguishment. The principles require building design to consider product safety, electrical safety, combustibility and smoke-producing characteristics of materials and systems, including interior and exterior materials and room contents.

IFSS Coalition and “International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles. Safe Buildings Save Lives”, IFSS, 5th October 2020

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