Posted on 08/10/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
Intumescents screened on Grand Designs

The UK Channel4 TV series has featured intumescent FR paint, shown as saving the character of a front-edge renovation. The Channel4 series, running since 1999, features outstanding house renovations, in this case a Victorian dairy building in London transformed by graphic designers into a top-market design house. Intumescent FR paint was the only way to keep visible the historic wooden joists, a key part of the building’s character. The programme shows testing of plywood sheets at the UK Building Research Establishment. Four minutes after exposure to a gas flame, a 12 mm plywood panel is shown breached by fire with flames burning out both sides of a hole, whereas an intumescent FR painted panel resists more than twenty minutes flame.
“Kevin McCloud – South East London: Victorian Dairy House” – see at 27 minutes:

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