Posted on 11/06/2020 in 2020
Iron – P – N – silicone PIN FR synergy

A polymeric N-P-siloxane PIN FR with iron oxide achieved UL94-V1 (3 mm) at a combined loading of 2% in PET. Poly(N,N dimethylene phosphate aminopropyl siloxane) (PDPSI) was tested with F2O3 in PET, with five different combinations of total load 2% (from 0% to 2% PDPSI) and compared to neat PET. Optimal combination was 2/3 iron oxide to 1/3 PDPSI, which increased LOI by over 25% and re-duced peak heat release rate by 66% (compared to neat PET), achieved UL94-V1 no dripping and reduced total smoke production by 44%. Continuous and dense char was generated. The strength of the PET was reduced by <2%.

“Study on flame retardancy and smoke suppression of PET by the synergy between Fe2O3 and new phosphorus containing silicone flame retardant”, Y. Peng et al., High Performance Polymers, April 2020

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