Posted on 11/05/2020 in 2020
ISO fire safety strategy under discussion

ISO/TC 92, horizontal committee on fire safety, has circulated for comment its ‘Business Plan’ defining key areas for standards development. ISO (International Standards Organisation) TC92 (Technical Committee) addresses all aspects of fire safety beyond those included in other specific technical standards, covering materials, products, structures and building occupant behaviour. ISO standards are often translated into national fire standards, e.g. in the EU Construction Products Regulation or the European railway standard EN 45545-2. The Business Plan proposes to develop further ISO standards work on fire testing, fire containment, fire safety engineering and fire threat to people, including application to new building materials. Specifically, for the coming four years, a range of work on smoke emission and toxicity, smoke effects and environmental impact of fires is defined.

ISO TC/92 Note: the 19th February 2020 draft Business Plan is not available on the ISO website (document online is 2014) but via Committee members

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