Posted on 29/09/2022 in Fire Safety Recycling 2022
Jonatan Kleimark, ChemSec

Jonatan Kleimark, ChemSec indicated that the International Chemical Secretariat is an independent non-profit organisation, founded in 2002, to advocate for substitution of toxic chemicals to safer alternatives, funded by the Swedish Government, WWF and other NGOs and individuals. ChemSec’s tools to drive political discussion and business change include the SinList (Substitute it Now), which identifies around one thousand potentially problematic chemicals, and MarketPlace, which enables companies to promote safer alternatives (see pinfa Newsletter n°119). ChemSec considers that chemicals with no health or environmental Hazard are the only way to ensure zero risk, from production, through use to end-of-life. ChemSec underlines the Green Deal Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability objective to widen REACH and regulatory chemicals assessment to include environmental footprint and sustainability, and considers that as a first step “minimum thresholds” should be defined for greenhouse emissions, water use, wastes from production, ecosystem and biodiversity impacts and basic social criteria, with further variables to be added progressively.

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