Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020
Klaus Lederer, POLOPLAST

POLOPLAST’s policy is to offer PIN flame retardant solutions, considered to be the future for fire safety. Health and safety, both for POLOPLAST’s own staff and for customers, is a priority and leads to prefer PIN FRs which offer benefits and quality technical support from PIN FR suppliers. POLOPLAST has its own plastics chemists, and develops its own performance synergist packages in order to optimise FR loadings in its compounds and to achieve each customer’s technical requirements. These are adapted to each country’s different standards across Europe in different applications and markets. Challenges and new markets include the need to identify PIN FR solutions which are not water soluble in production cooling, smoke specifications in the Construction Products Regulation, possible future tightening of fire safety requirements in automotive and developing applications (such as use of polypropylene in battery covers) and opportunities to move towards non-halogen FR in pipes and ducting in countries where e.g. PVC is still preferred.

POLOPLAST is a leading European pipe system manufacturer, now expanding into the USA and Europe, with a compounding activity launched in 1998 and specialised in polypropylenes. The company develops and supplies technical plastic compounds to a range of markets including automotive, building & construction and appliances.  

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