Posted on 24/03/2021 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety 2021
Loctite FR photopolymer for Asiga printers

Henkel’s halogen-free photo-curing resin is validated for Asiga 3D-printers, enabling ultra-fast, precision manufacturing. Loctite 3D 3955 HDT280 FST is the first photopolymer that passes vertical burn and aerospace FST standards. This material can produce parts which meet low-smoke, UL94-V0 (3mm thickness), 30 and 60 second vertical burn tests and aerospace fire safety requirements, as well as meeting demanding performance requirements, including heat deflection up to 300°C. With Asiga’s desktop MAX and large floor standing Pro4K printers, Henkel’s material enables accurate, flexible and high-speed production of detailed and complex parts. For example, the Swiss electronics connector company has successfully used the 3D-printed backshells for printed circuit boards. Loctite 3955 HDT280 FST material also works well on OriginOne and EnvisionOne HT printers.

Photo: Asiga 3D-printer
Henkel launches first photoreactive 3D printing material meeting aerospace fire, smoke and toxicity safety standards
“EnvisionTEC and Henkel to combine 3D printing and photopolymer material chemistry expertise for end-use parts”, 23 November 2020
“Flame Retardant 3D Printing Material from Henkel Now Validated for Asiga Printers”, 10 February 2021
Hankel Loctite 3955 HDT280 FST Contact

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