Posted on 12/09/2022 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety 2022
Low risk from FRs in dust at vehicle and electronics dismantling sites

Some fifty different FRs were analysed in settled dust from a total of 18 informal e-waste and end-of-life vehicle processing workshops  in Vietnam. FR levels were much higher for e-waste than vehicles. For e-waste, brominated FR levels showed 79 000 µg/kg, chlorinated OPFRs 6 600 µg/kg, PIN OPFRs 15 000 µg/kg (total medians). For vehicles: brominated 510, chlorinated OPFRs 570, PIN FRs 270. The authors conclude that the human health risk from such levels of FRs in dusts is low.

“Comprehensive characterization of halogenated flame retardants and organophosphate esters in settled dust from informal e-waste and end-of-life vehicle processing sites in Vietnam: Occurrence, source estimation, and risk assessment”, A-Q Hoang et al., Environmental Pollution 310 (2022) 119809

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