Posted on 06/07/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
LSZH cables safer for data centres

Tests show that low smoke zero halogen cables achieve fire performance with much lower smoke emission and corrosivity. Six power and data cables were tested, for fire performance to NFPA 262, FM 3972 or UL 1685 FT4. The flame retardant or low smoke cables passed fire tests and showed smoke yield (g/g) an order of magnitude lower than the two other cables. The LSZH cables showed corrosivity* over 70x lower than the tested halogen-containing cable. The authors conclude that the LSZH cables tested show good fire and smoke corrosion performance.

* corrosivity measured as mm/year = mpy. “Evaluation of flammability and smoke corrosivity of data/power cables used in data centers”, D. Zeng et al., Fire Safety Journal 2020

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