Posted on 18/01/2024 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction 2024
LSZH for replacing halogenated cables

SUNUA Low Smoke Zero Halogen cross-linked polyolefin cable insulation compounds offer performance and processing. The PIN flame retardant compounds can be cross-linked by UV irradiation up to sheath thickness of 1.6 mm maximum, to improve strength and mechanical properties (low-cracking, tensile strength, thermal elongation, low temperature brittleness). The compounds can be suitable for cable core operating temperatures up to 125°C, higher than for thermoplastic cable insulation compound. Smoke densities are below 335 / 94 for flameless/flame under GB/T8323. The compounds target B-end customers (focus on specific needs of customer companies) and applications include public buildings such as schools and hospitals and public transport where safety by low smoke emission and low smoke toxicity is required.

“SUNUA Halogen-Free Flame Retardant: Elevating Cable Material Excellence”, 30th August 2023

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