Posted on 02/12/2019 in 2019
Market for PIN flame retardants continuing to grow

A number of new market studies predict continuing growth for flame retardant demand, particularly for PIN FRs. DataMintIntelligence predict 6.2% growth for overall FR markets worldwide 2019-2026, with increasing application in construction, E&E and generally in plastics. TrendsMarketResearch (TMR) on the other hand predict a 3.7% growth rate in volume for FRs worldwide 2018-2023. TMR however predict the global FR masterbatch market to grow 8% in value 2019-2027 (from US$ 1.8 billion), with E&E and cables, construction and electric vehicles identified as sectors leading growth. For PIN FRs, DataBridgeMarketResearch predicts growth of 8.44% for 2019-2026 (from US$ 4.31 billion 2018), driven by increasing regulatory requirements for both fire safety and “environmentally friendly” FRs. Specifically for PIN FR cables, InsightPartners, predicting 10.7% growth for low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cables 2019-2027 (from US$ 2.5 billion 2018), driven by new testing standards for cables smoke emission and toxicity and corrosion resulting from non-LSZH cables in case of fire. Acumen predict 4.9% growth 2019-2026 for intumescent coatings (to reach US$ 1.5 billion 2026), driven especially by passive fire protection of steel structures in the oil and gas industries.

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