Posted on 02/03/2021 in Regulatory 2021
Massachusetts bans ten halogenated FRs

The State has enacted legislation banning ten brominated and chlorinated FRs and ATO in a range of applications: residential upholstered furniture, bedding, carpets, curtains and blinds, children’s products. The ban applies to sale, distribution and manufacture of products from 1st January 2020. The FRs banned are: TDCPP, TCPP, TCEP, HBCD, TBPH, TBB, TBBPA, Penta- and Octa-BDE, chlorinated paraffins and ATO (antimony trioxide). The State will update the list of banned FRs every three years.

“An act to protect children, families, and firefighters from harmful flame retardants”, Massachusetts legislation chapter 261

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