Posted on 28/05/2024 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2024
Melamine & melamine cyanurate

pinfa has updated our Q&A on regulatory classification of melamine and implications for melamine-based PIN FRs. Additional information is included on the implications on melamine-based flame retardants of possible inclusion of melamine itself in REACH Annex XIV (possible authorisation requirement for melamine, see ECHA consultation closed 5th April 2024, below). The pinfa Q&A confirms that melamine-based FRs are not affected unless they contain ≥0.1% free melamine. Indeed, several melamine-based FRs are validated in labels or certifications such as TCO or Ökotex. The updated Q&A also notes that melamine cyanurate has now been self-classified by the manufacturers as H351, H361f, H373 (*) and that this does not imply REACH authorisation (the substance is not considered SVHC).

* Carc. Cat. 2 and Repr. Cat. 2 (suspected human carcinogen and suspected reprotox, GHS

“pinfa frequently asked questions (FAQ) about melamine-based flame retardants and recent regulatory risk management measures on melamine, updated 17th April 2024

For information concerning melamine itself, see EMPA (European Melamine Producers Association) regulatory page

ECHACHEM database – Melamine cyanurate HERE.

ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) “Consultation on draft recommendation for inclusion in the Authorisation list” of Melamine and four other substances, closed 5th April 2024.

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