Posted on 09/02/2022 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2021
Michael Fiala, Georg Baumgartner, Metadynea

Because the company is a specialist supplier of wood composite board resins and finishings, working directly with panel producers, Metadynea can provide specialist PIN flame retardant solutions for fire safety. Use of wood composite products is growing in construction, in particular in hotels and public buildings, because of aesthetic qualities and green building, and also in interiors of ships, trains, buses and top-of-the-range aircraft. Paper surface finishing of panels is a specific growth area. Many of these applications are subject to increasingly strict fire safety requirements. Specific PIN flame retardants are needed for the resins used in composite boards, adhesives and finishing coatings. A particular challenge is fire safety of transparent protective coatings. Metadynea offers a range of specific phosphorus and nitrogen based FRs for these different applications, and develops tailor-made systems for customers. The AMI FRiP conference enables to see new developments in PIN FRs for plastics, some of which can maybe be transferred to composite panel resins.

Metadynea Austria, a pinfa member, was founded in 1948 as Krems Chemie and is today part of the Metafrax Group. Metadynea has 215 employees and produces some 440 000 t/y of fine chemicals, surfacing materials & veneers and resins for composite boards (particle board, fiber board, strand board and plywood).

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