Posted on 17/11/2020 in Electric & Electronic 2020
Mineral based FR synergist for CPR cables

Nabaltec’s new synergist improves processability, ageing and fire performance of ATH-filled LFHFR cables. Low Fire Hazard Fire Resistant cables achieve CPR (EU Construction Products Regulation) criteria for reaction of cables to fire, smoke production, thermal decomposition acidity and flaming droplets. In PE/EVA (polyethylene/ethyl vinyl acetate) this requires 55 – 70 % loading of metal hydrate PIN FRs (ATH aluminium trihydrate or MDH magnesium di hydroxide), but this can impair the cable’s mechanical properties, ageing or processing. pinfa member Nabaltec’s new synergist masterbatch, at 3 – 4% loading, has been shown to reduce total loading necessary (e.g. from 70% ATH only to 65% ATH+synergist in LLDPE/EVA to achieve UL94-V0 @ 1.6 mm), improve processability (twin-screw extruder or internal kneader), reduce mechanical deterioration under hot air ageing.

“ACTILOX® PA-B2. Processing Aid and Flame Retardancy Booster. A novel mineral based flame retardant synergist for Wire & Cable”, C. Neumeister et al., Nabaltec, 10/2020

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