Posted on 19/10/2022 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2022
Natural seaweed boron for fire safety

Researchers propose bio-based “plasterboard” for building, with natural boron PIN fire safety and carbon benefits. Seaweed grows up to 50 cm per day and sequesters nearly 200 million tonnes of carbon annually. It is easy to cultivate and does not compete with food production. Research at University of Canterbury, New Zealand, propose a biocomposite wall panel using seaweed (algae) which is claimed to offer moisture absorption and release ensuring warmer and more comfortable homes, and to offer commercial-level fire resistance because of boron naturally present in the seaweed. It offers a flowy surface, green, red or brown colour depending on the species of seaweed used, and can be recycled at end-of-life as a fertiliser.

“New seaweed plasterboard design provides safer, more sustainable building option”, 20th January 2022 LINK.

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