Posted on 20/04/2021 in Fire Safety 2021
New phosphorus PIN FR for e-mobility

Adeka new liquid phosphorus ester to combine fire resistance and mechanical performance for e-vehicle materials.
Yohei Inagaki, Adeka, explained how PIN FRs can respond to new, demanding requirements for electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are looking for lightweight combined with strength, and are demanding UL94-V0 fire performance at low thickness (0.4 mm). Increasing FR load can deteriorate mechanical performance and heat deflection temperature. Adeka have developed a new, bis-phenol free phosphorus ester to respond to these demands. It is a viscous liquid with high thermal stability, facilitating processing at higher temperatures, offering well balance flame retardancy and heat deflection temperature. Another demand is to have no loss of fire safety when recycling. Five times multiple re-extrusion of PC/ABS was tested comparing this Adeka PIN FR to bisphenol-A bis(diphenyl phosphate), in both cases with PTFE as anti-dripping agent. This showed that UL94-V0 dropped to V2 as flaming dripping increased. This was probably related to deterioration of the polymer and/or the anti-dripping agent in recycling and could be resolved by adding c. 0.1% of anti-dripping agent when re-extruding.

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