Posted on 30/04/2021 in Fire Safety 2021
New tool to teach fire safety and FRs

80+ slides of information and graphics explaining materials fire safety, flame retardants, fire tests, standards, environment and health. This new toolkit for teaching, professional training and industry, is made available for public use on request by pinfa. It has been developed with expertise from the nearly forty member companies of pinfa in Europe and worldwide (with pinfa North America and pinfa China) as well as external experts. Sections of the slide set cover materials fire safety, how flame retardants work to prevent, extinguish or slow fire development, fire tests and standards, regulations, environment & health questions, flame retardants markets and applications, including wire & cable, building (construction), transport. pinfa intends to extend the slide set content in 2021 to cover recycling, bio-based FRs and other applications (E&E, textiles, wood/timber, e-mobility, 3D printing).

Download the slide set in PDF, Powerpoint version available on request:

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