Posted on 07/03/2022 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety Regulatory 2022
New York Br-FR ban in TVs amended

The NY ban on brominated FRs in TV/display stands and casings now requires notification of any organohalogen FRs. The New York State ‘Family and fire fighter protection act’ (S4630, 5418-B), signed into law 2nd January 2022, bans “organohalogen” flame retardants in the enclosure and stand of electronic displays >100 cm2, and also “halogenated, organophosphorus, organonitrogen or nanoscale chemical” flame retardants and FR synergists in upholstered furniture and mattresses (see pinfa Newsletter n°133). The ban on halogenated FRs in TV stands and enclosures reflects closely the ban now applicable throughout the EU since 1st March 2021 under the EU EcoDesign Regulation (see pinfa Newsletter n°108). An amendment to the New York State bill, signed into law on 24th January 2022 (bill S07737), makes minor changes: a longer delay time for implementation (now enters into force 1st December 2024) with a supplementary delay for furniture repair, a wider TV stand and enclosure organohalogen FRs ban, (to ban presence above a concentration to be defined, as well as if “intentionally added”), a requirement (from the date of entry into force) to notify all organohalogen flame retardants present in TV stands and enclosures irrespective of the concentration.

New York State bill NY S07737 “Relates to the ban of the use of certain flame retardant chemicals in furniture and mattresses and in electronic casings”, 24th January 2022 amending New York State Family and Fire Fighter Protection Act (S. 4630-B/A. 5418-B)

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