Posted on 14/12/2023 in Electric & Electronic Furniture & Textiles 2023
Non-hazardous FR package for PC-GF

ROMIRA flame retardant, GF-reinforced PC blend with non-halogenated, non-hazardous or non-SVHC-listed additives. ROMIRA (ROWA GROUP) has developed a 10% glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate blend which can meet  UL 94 V-0 (1.5 mm) and offers good mechanical properties. It can be processed by injection moulding at relatively  low temperature due to its good flowability.  MFR 13 g/10min, 260°C/5 kg. The product is available in all colours and can be used, for example, for automotive interior parts or electrical sector parts.

“Fire protection and more”, ROWA Group, September 2023

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