Posted on 14/09/2023 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2023
Orientations for EU Ecodesign

Questionnaires will input to EU Ecodesign criteria for cooking equipment and imaging equipment (i.e. printers). Both questionnaires address energy efficiency, durability and repairability and do not address fire safety, nor chemicals. These seems to be the direction of EU Ecodesign criteria: the new criteria for tablets and smartphones (published 16th June 2023) which include no chemical requirements other than labelling of polymer types on parts and information on content of four Critical Raw Materials (cobalt, tantalum, neodymium, gold).

EU public consultation closed 15th August 2023 on “Environmental image of imaging equipment, including printers”

EU public consultation closed 31st August 2023 on “Cooking appliances – ecodesign requirements”

Directive laying down ecodesign criteria for smartphones, mobile phones, cordless phones and slate tablets, C(2023) 3538, 16th June 2023

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